We have an obligation to help all citizens to properly dispose of garbage, green waste and household toxins.

Windward Trash Trucked Over MountainProblem - Transfer stations are open sporadically in many places. Green waste is only accepted a one day a week. People dump on the roadside.

We have no recycling systems in place for mixed plastic, white paper, or compost.

There is no place to reliably dispose of household hazardous waste, used motor oil and other toxic pollutants.

Hawaii County transports all solid waste on the windward side over Saddle Road to the leeward landfill.

The County cannot reliability staff the department because sanitation workers are underpaid, under resourced, overworked, unappreciated and poorly supervised.

Solution - Invest in recycling infrastructure and technology to better process the waste stream.

Increase wages, improve working conditions and fully staff the department.

Open a windward landfill.

Open a a full time household hazardous waste drop off facility in Kona and one in Hilo. Provide a hazardous waste pickup weekly at each transfer station.

Open all solid waste transfer and green waste facilities 7 days per week.

Centralize and expand all County heavy equipment maintenance into a modern, state of the art facility.