Our island is plagued by decaying roads, missing guardrails, unwalkable streets and missing busses.

Road full of Potholes and Lacking GuardrailsProblemOur roads lack guardrails, sidewalks and bike lanes. This puts everyone at risk.

Our transit system is inadequate. It lacks coverage, runs infrequently and is unreliable. As a result, people don’t use it.

Post eruption road replacement and repairs have been delayed nearly 5 years with no end in site.

Tourists are forced to rent cars which adds to traffic and parking problems at parks and in neighborhoods.

Solution - Install guardrails, reflectors and basic safety infrastructure on dangerous roads.  

Modernize intersections to keep the flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic safe.

Expand divided sidewalk and bike lane infrastructure in high density neighborhoods and along exercise corridors.

Install dedicated pedestrian corridors for neighborhood recreation.

Significantly increase the number and frequency of busses island wide. Increase the number of stops.

Create tourism centric bus routes that connect the airport to resorts, parks, retail and cultural sites with a goal of reducing the number of rental cars on our roads.

Develop and deploy an accelerated process for restoring roads after eruptions and earthquakes.