We must protect the our neighbors and the aina from untreated sewage.

ProblemMany island families use cesspools or failing septic systems to dispose of human waste. This results in untreated sewage entering the water table and the ocean.

There are almost 50,000 cesspools on the island and there is no plan to fund their replacement.

Even if there was a plan to fund replacements, there are not enough licensed contractors to do the work.

Homeowners are facing tens of thousands of dollars in out of pocket expenses to switch from cesspools to septic systems.

Homeowners on lots under 10,000 sq-ft are not allowed to install septic systems. No economical solution has been offered to them.

Solution - Hawaii County will invest in a significant expansion of sewer mains and high-pressure sewage transport infrastructure.

In partnership with the US Small Business Administration the County will establish a business training and loan program to increase the number of licensed septic vendors and help them to purchase equipment.

High density communities ( think - residential neighborhoods ) will be served by county sewers regardless of their location relative to existing treatment facilities.

Hawaii County will establish a special tax benefit district process for homeowners which will allow them to amortize the costs of improvements on private property, including septic system conversions, over a 30 year term.