Vehicles flee the eruption of Mauna Loa.Public Safety

We live on the side of the world's largest volcano in the middle of its largest ocean.  Our community is vulnerable to hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, sea level rise and wildfires.

Our emergency services personnel are underfunded and spread too thin.  Major communities lack adequate evacuation routes and our island lacks a plan for what to do when the next major eruption destroys additional housing stock.

How Core '24 Will Improve Public Safety

Our plan to improve public safety starts with improvements to law enforcement, drug treatment and prisoner rehabilitation.  This is a major part of our platform and it is essential to creating a community that is safe for all of our families.

The emergency services plank of our platform is also essential.  It calls for pre-contracting for emergency housing, recruiting additional firefighting staff and providing both office space and housing for medical staff.

Our platform also includes the addition of three satellite public safety offices.  These offices will reduce response times by moving public safety workers closer to the citizens they serve.