Failures in planning and permitting contribute to nearly every major problem on Hawaii. Our existing planning and permitting processes are broken beyond recovery.

ProblemObtaining building permits takes years or even decades.

Home prices and rents have skyrocketed to the point where a majority of first time buyers cannot afford a home.

Lack of affordable housing is forcing families to leave the islands or to become homeless.

Thousands of safe, affordable, but unpermitted improvements remain untaxed and operate in a grey market. This denies the county tens of millions of dollars in revenue each year and forces homeowners to live in fear of the Planning Director.

The subjective nature of planning, permitting and enforcement have tempted public officials into bribery, criminal and non-criminal corruption.

The number of vacant homes continues to increase as wealthy families purchase second homes and leave them empty.

The Planning process is being abused by NIMBYs and activists to prevent unwanted construction.

Our “complaint driven” enforcement efforts pit neighbor against neighbor and creates an atmosphere of resentment and fear.

The “war on kitchens” has resulted in tens of thousands of “wet bars” and unpermitted improvements. Impromptu kitchens are a significant fire hazard.

Government is cannibalizing successful businesses and reducing the utility of private property in an attempt to recover housing stock.

Nearly every major industry struggles to find workers because housing costs have driven the living wage to unsustainable levels.

Local families are being forced to commute long distances as they “drive until they qualify”. This is resulting in traffic deaths and worsening quality of life.


Permit Amnesty
Implement a permit amnesty program that allows property owners with unpermitted improvements to obtain a certificate of occupancy by undergoing an inspection to the “workmanlike manner” standard.

Once a certificate has been issued, all prior improvements will be considered permitted.

Temporarily Halt All Planning and Permitting Enforcement
The Planning Department has become a tool for vindictive neighbors, NIMBY busybodies and corrupt politicians to punish people they do not like. There will be an immediately halt all pending enforcement efforts pending a comprehensive rewrite of the planning and permitting process.

30-Day Permit Guarantee
The Planning and Building departments will have 30 working days to process permit applications. If a permit is submitted by a licensed architect or general contractor and it is not fully processed in 30 working days the permitting will be automatically approved.

Revise the Building Code
Review the existing building code with licensed contractors, architects and builders to take into account our unique climate and remove as many unnecessary requirements as possible.

Approve Alternative Housing
Develop standards for trailers, tiny homes, camper vans, RVs and yurts. These standards will promote safety while providing owners with the freedom to live as they choose.

Accessory Dwellings, Farm Dwellings and Ohanas
Encourage property owners to increase housing density by clearing the way for them to build additional housing on their existing properties.

End the War on Kitchens
Allow homes with “wet bars” to properly install safe and sanitary kitchens for residents.

Codify Privacy and Private Property Protections
Provide clarity to county staff that both renters and property owners have a right to privacy in their own home. Further guarantee private landowners the right to live as they choose without fearing government persecution.