Our parks are at the center of our communities and our economy. They must be kept accessible and pristine.

Failing Infrastructure at Pāhoehoe Beach Park ProblemOur public parks are strewn with garbage, used needles and dilapidated buildings.

The homeless treat our parks like open air drug markets and public bathrooms.

When restroom facilities are available at all, many parks provide graffiti covered, feces stained port-a-johns. Nearly all parks lack flush toilets and running water.

Some parks have been completely ignored by the Parks & Recreation Department, even as community groups raise thousands of dollars to buy playground equipment and volunteer to fix parks that are in disrepair.

SolutionHawaii County will invest in a significant expansion of public park infrastructure as well as the people who maintain it.

Every public park on Hawaii Island will be provided with adequate parking and clean restrooms.

In order to reduce vehicle traffic Public Transit will be expanded to include all public parks on the island.

Law enforcement will be given a mandate to enforce loitering, overnight camping, open bottle and drug possession laws.

Expanded walking and hiking trails will provide better access to public lands.