Drug addiction, alcoholism, poverty, corruption and hopelessness are out of control on the Big Island. The result is violence, property crimes, disaffection and homelessness.

Problem - Drug Addicts and alcoholics, including those with grave mental disorders, operate with impunity in our public spaces.

Our community does not have enough drug and alcohol treatment facilities to meet demand.

Our jails are designed to punish and warehouse rather than rehabilitate, empower and reconnect.

Public corruption stains our institutions and sews the seeds of distrust within our communities.

Lack of economic opportunity has created a feeling of skepticism and hopelessness in our children.

SolutionModernize and expand Department of Corrections facilities.

End all private prison contracts.  Corporations should never profit off of locking humans in cages.

Increase corrections staffing and provide additional training to correction workers.

Expand drug and alcohol treatment programs and mandate participation for substance adjacent offenses.

Enforce the law uniformly. Prosecute all offenses and rehabilitate repeat offenders.

Require managers and senior government officials to take an oath of office and, upon suspicion of impropriety, submit to forensic audits.  

Fully audit all expense accounts, mileage statements and other discretionary spending within County departments.

Create a revolving door policy that limits the ability of public officials to represent private interests immediately after leaving public service. 

Invest in community co-working and makerspaces designed to facilitate entrepreneurship and create hope.