Hawaii County's infrastructure is crumbling.  Dangerous roads lack guard rails.   Sewage treatment plants discharge raw sewage into the ocean and our water system can't keep up with demand.

Our public parks are littered with needles, crumbling concrete and walls. Some lack basic amenities like functioning restrooms and parking.

Even in higher density communities in rural areas Hawaii County doesn't provide basic infrastructure like water or sewer hookups.  This leaves entire neighborhoods dependent on catchment tanks and cesspools.

How Core '24 Will Improve Infrastructure

Basic infrastructure is at the center of our agenda.  Our plan is to extend water service, sewer service and solid waste services island wide.

We also plan to improve roads and public transportation to make it safer and easier for both kama'aina and tourists to move around the island.

We also plan to add three new satellite emergency services offices and medical facilities for underserved communities.

Finally, we plan to improve the supporting infrastructure required for entrepreneurs to succeed.  That means creating dedicated spaces where aspiring business owners can go to work and collaborate, supporting mentorship based accelerator programs and ensuring that the government agencies involved in new business creation are held accountable.