Volcanos, wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis threaten our community.

ProblemThe Big Island is always perilously close to the next natural disaster, and is prone to threats from volcano, wildfire, tsunami, and earthquakes.  Yet we have no plan to provide long term housing to future victims.

We have too few firefighters and they are not adequately equipped.

Our police forces are not equipped or trained for water rescues.

We do not have enough urgent care or emergency care facilities in rural communities.

SolutionPre-contract for long term housing in the event of an eruption. Pre-contracts can include contracts for manufactured housing, tiny home, vacation rental inventory and timeshares.

Fund, recruit and train additional firefighting staff.

Expand training on basic water rescue to all front line emergency services staff.

Provide foundational infrastructure for medical facilities. That means building or purchasing both office space and housing for medical staff.

Build three new satellite emergency services offices in rural areas of the county.  These offices will host both law enforcement and emergency workers.  Sites will be selected with a goal of reducing emergency response times from hours to minutes.